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Most modern consumers choose to do a little homework before making a major purchase, and we at Volkswagen of Brooklyn are no different. That’s why we encourage past visitors to our dealership to leave honest, unfiltered feedback based on their experiences with us,. Simply put, it helps us do our jobs better. And, if you’ve been to our dealership recently, feel free to share your experiences below as well. We’d love to hear from you!

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nycesqconsume 05 Sep 2014
VW of Brooklyn was a little too far for me to drive for purposes of browsing the lot, but they had a great discount going on a Jetta SE that I was shopping for so I needed to check them out. I didn't understand the TrueCar certificates and needed someone to explain them as well as d...iscuss whether they really could accept my offer on a car they had in inventory. Dimitry Koreyev was exceptionally helpful and attentive on the phone with my questions and doing an inventory search. I spoke to him several times in the span of a few days, he was always courteous and sharp. He left me with a positive impression of the VW brand. Note: didn't rate Quality of Work since it's N/A to my interaction with the dealership. Show more
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michaelj.silvestri 31 Jul 2014
I received a call shortly after finding out my 2006 VW Rabbit was in need of over 2,000 dollars in repairs, about discussing getting a new vehicle instead. Though skeptical, I went to the dealership to consider what they had to offer. In the end, they removed my repair bill, gave me more than my car... was worth, removed my current car loan and gave me a new car in a price I could afford. I drove off that day leasing a brand new 2014 VW Jetta and paid upfront less than I would have to fix my old junker. Everyone was professional, friendly and patient. I highly recommend this dealership. Dropped off a barely functional car and drove off with a BRAND NEW ONE! It doesn't get better than that. Show more
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